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Beaver Falls Municipal Authority Information...

orage Tank Facts

TankCapacity (gallons)Date Built
Sylvania Hills300,0001955
Hill Street1,900,0001951
Daugherty Highlands300,0001973
Thompson School300,0001962
Oak Hill850,0001928
Patterson Township #1734,0001955
Patterson Township #2700,0001970
White Township #12,000,0001963
White Township #22,000,0001963
West Mayfield 37th St1,250,0001929
West Mayfield 45th St1,250,0001965
Big Beaver Friendship Rd200,0001979
Big Beaver Penndale Rd1,400,0002007


Interesting Facts About the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority

Miles of Pipe in Distribution System:  350

 Total Gallons Pumped In 2006:  2,201,284,000

 Average Daily Pumpage in Gallons:  6,030,915

 Number of Residential Customers:  16,129

 Number of Commercial/Industrial Customers:  1,119