Lead - Information & Resources

To determine of the Service Line connected to your house is made of lead, you can perform a simple scratch test.

Find the water meter, and if the inlet pipe is NOT plastic, use a  quarter (or another piece of metal) to scratch the pipe gently, being careful not to pierce the pipe.

If the pipe scratches easily, and the color revealed is a nickel or silver, the pipe MAY be made of lead.

Next, use a magnet to determine if the pipe is iron or steel.  If the magnet sticks, it's not lead.  If the magnet does not stick and the scratch revealed a nickel or silver color, the pipe COULD BE made of lead.

If you suspect lead ...

You can purchase a lead test kit from the hardware store.  Look for an EPA-recognized kit. Or you can call a licensed and insured plumber to inspect your pipes and plumbing for lead.

For your convenience, we have compiled the following list of the best resources on lead in water.