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Chippewa Tank Maintenance

In response to various calls concerning temporary water storage units at various locations in Chippewa.  The Beaver Falls Municipal Authority has begun a scheduled repair and repainting major capital project at our Chippewa Water Storage Tank located on 37th Street Extension in Chippewa.  This project will require complete draining of the tank, structural repairs, and painting both the inside and outside of the Water Tank.  This project will last approximately 6 months and should be completed in early September.  In order to keep pressure and water to the residents and businesses in Chippewa the Authority will have temporary storage tanks located throughout Chippewa for the duration of the project.  We want to assure all our customers that these temporary storage tanks are required to paint our tank and that the water is safe to drink.  Thank you for your understanding as we complete this $1,000,000 repair and painting of our Chippewa Tank.