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UPDATE: East Palestine Train Derailment

In regards to the train derailment in East Palestine Ohio....

The creeks affected by the train derailment eventually lead into the Ohio River, beyond where we draw our water.  The Beaver River and the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority are not directly impacted.  However, we collect VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) source water samples weekly and are monitoring for any changes.

Thank You

The Beaver Falls Municipal Authority


WATER SAMPLE UPDATE  -  See Attachments

THM's are always present in disinfected water.  Trihalomethanes (THMs), which were detected on the tap, are a result of a reaction between the chlorine used for disinfecting tap water and the natural organic matter in the water.   These are tested bi-weekly in house, and regulated by the state quarterly.   The current total THM's (MCL) maximum contaminant level is 80 ug/L.    For more information regarding THM's please refer to the link below.  For information on VOC results, please click on the pdf attachments below.


RIVERWISE MODULE 5 which talks about THMs