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The City of Beaver Falls; Boroughs of Eastvale, Fallston,
Freedom, New Brighton, East Rochester, Patterson Heights
Rochester, West Mayfield, West Bridgewater, Homewood
Conway, and Big Beaver; New Sewickley, North Sewickley,
Rochester, Patterson, Chippewa, Pulaski, White, Daugherty,
and South Beaver Townships, Pennsylvania.

These Rules and Regulations are a part of the contract with every person who takes water and every such person, by taking of the water, agrees to be bound thereby.


1.  All applications for the use of water must be made in writing at the Authority’s office on forms prescribed by the Authority, and must state fully and truly the uses to which the water is to be applied.

2.  Deposits may be required from customers taking service for a period of less than thirty days, in an amount equal to the estimated gross bill for such temporary period. Deposits may be required from all other customers provided that, in no instance, will deposits be required in excess of the estimated gross bill for any single billing period plus two months (the maximum period not to exceed five months) with a minimum of $80.00. Deposits shall be returned to the depositor upon discontinuance of service by the customer and payment of all charges due. Any customer having a deposit shall pay bills for water service as rendered in accordance with the Rules of the Authority, and the deposit shall not be considered as payment on account of a bill during the time the customer is receiving water service.

3.  A new application must be made, and approved by the Authority, upon any change in identity of the consumer at the property, or in the service as described in the application, and the Authority shall be at liberty upon five days’ notice to discontinue the water supply until such application has been made and approved.


4.  Customer” as used herein means the party contracting for service to a property coming within one of the following classification:

A.  A building under one roof and occupied as one residence or business.

B.  A combination of buildings in one enclosure and occupied by one family or one business.

C.  One side of a double building having a vertical partition wall.

D.  Each part of a building occupied by more than one family or business where each has independent or exclusive use of water fixtures.

E.  Each apartment, office or suite of offices having independent water fixtures located in a building have several such apartments, offices or suites of offices and using a common one hall and one or more means of entrance.

F.  Each apartment having independent water fixtures located in a group of buildings having a number of such apartments owned and controlled by a single owner. Each customer will be supplied through a separate service line, and through a separate meter except that in case c, d, e, and f, as above defined, the 5/8” meter rate schedule will be applied for each unit regardless of the size of the meter installed, except in cases where the meter charge is greater than the combined 5/8” unit charge, than the larger meter rate charge will be applied.


5.  New service lines from the main to the curb, consisting of the corporation cock or ferrule and coupling, the curb stop, the pipe from the ferrule to the curb stop and the curb box, will be furnished by the Authority, upon payment by the customer or other party ordering the service line installed, of tapping fee as required in the schedule of miscellaneous charges, providing the property to be supplied abuts a distribution line. The service line from the main to the curb box will be maintained by the Authority.

6.  If the property to be served does not abut a distribution main, a distribution line must be extended to the property to be served in accordance to the Authority’s main extension policy.


7.  Customers service or supply line from the curb stop to the meter shall be a minimum of one (1) inch first quality Type K soft copper tubing or (1) inch Polyethylene tubing. If Polyethylene tubing is used, it must have a working pressure of 200 lbs @ 74 degrees Fahrenheit, have the same O.D. as copper tubing, be flexible, adapt to standard flare fittings and must be able to be cold flared. All such plastic service line shall be marked with the manufacturer’s name, type and working pressure. This line shall be installed and maintained by the customer at his expense.

8.  All connections, appliances and fixtures furnished by the applicant shall be a of proper material and shall be installed in an approved workmanlike manner and shall be maintained by him in good order and all valves, meters, and appliances furnished and owned by the Authority and on the property of the applicant shall be properly protected and cared for by the applicant. All leaks in any connection, appliance or fixture furnished by the applicant must be immediately repaired by the applicant or occupant of the premises.

9.  All pipes, meters, and fixtures shall be at all reasonable hours be subject to inspection by employees of the Authority with proper identification.

10.  The Authority shall in no event be responsible for maintaining the lines and fixtures on applicant’s property, or for damage done by water escaping therefrom; and applicant shall at all times comply with municipal regulations with reference thereto, and make changes therein required on account of changes of grade, relocation of mains, or otherwise.


11.  No owner or tenant of any premises supplied with water by the Authority will be allowed to supply other persons or families or other premises except by written permit from the Authority. Customers who violate this rule may have their water shut of after a notice of five (5) days, and it may remain so until the Authority is satisfied that the Rules and Regulations will be observed.


12.  Where two or more customers are supplied through a single service any violation of the rules of the Authority by either or any of said customers shall be deemed a violation as to all and the Authority may take such action as could be taken against a single customer, except that such action shall not be taken until the innocent customer who is not in violation of the Authority’s rules has been given reasonable opportunity to attach his pipes to a separately controlled service connection.


13.  All meters will be furnished by the Authority and shall remain the property of the Authority, and accessible to and subject to its control. The meter shall be conveniently located at a point approved by the Authority, so as to control the entire supply, and a suitable place and protection therefore where the meter may easily be read and will be protected from freezing shall be provide by the applicant. The customer shall furnish and install a stop cock the same size as the service immediately before the meter.

14.  The applicant shall notify the Authority of any defect to or the non-working of the meter, as soon as it comes to his knowledge.

15.  Meters will be maintained by the Authority so far as wear and tear are concerned, but damage due to freezing, hot water, or external causes shall be paid for by the applicant.

16.  No person or persons, except employees of the Authority will be allowed to take off or repair meters.

17.  In case of a disputed account, involving the accuracy of a meter, such meter shall be tested upon the request of the applicant. In the event that the meter is so tested is found to have an error in registration of four percent or more, the bills will be increased or decreased accordingly, but in case the meter registers correctly, the applicant shall pay a testing charge as listed in miscellaneous charges.

18.  Where water is furnished by meter, the quantity recorded by it shall be conclusive on both the applicant and the Authority, except when the meter has been found to be registering inaccurately, or has ceased to register. In such case the quantity may be determined by the average registration of the meter when in order, or by such order fair and reasonable method as shall be based upon the best information obtainable.

19.  The Authority reserves the right to change a customer from a flat rate service to a metered service at any time. Where water is furnished at flat rate, a new applicant must provide piping changes for the installation of a meter.


20.  Service under any application may be discontinued for any of the following reasons:

A.  For misrepresentation in application, as to property or fixtures to be supplied, or the use to be made of the water supply.

B.  For the use of water for any other property or purpose than that described in the application. Allowing water to run to prevent freezing, or to cool container or contents, is not a legitimate use under flat rates and is prohibited.

C.  For allowing an additional family to move into premises, without notice to the Authority.

D.  For willful waste of water through improper or imperfect pipes, fixtures, meters or otherwise.

E.  For failure to protect and maintain the meter connections, lines or fixtures in good order.

F.  For non-payment of any water bill for more than ten (10) days after the same is due.

G.  For molesting any service pipe, meter, curb-stop, seal, or any other appliance of the Authority controlling or regulating the water supply.

H.  In case of vacancy of premises.

I.  For violation of any rule of the Authority.

21.  Water will be temporarily turned off any premises without in any way affecting the existing application.

22.  No water fixture or appliance in connection therewith will be considered cut off until it is discontinued so that it cannot be used again, or is sealed in a manner satisfactory to the Authority.

23.  No plumber, owner, or other unauthorized person, shall turn the water on or off

24.  At any corporation stop or curb stop, or remove the meter without approval of the Authority.

25.  The Authority reserves the right to shut off the water in its mains at any time without notice for making repairs, extensions or alterations, but will so far as possible notify customers of the intention to shut off. It is expressly stipulated by the Authority that no claim shall be made against it or the municipality by reason of the breaking of any pipe or service pipe or by reason of any other interruption of the supply of water caused by the breaking of machinery or stoppage for necessary repairs or the making of extensions and that no person shall be entitled to any damages, nor to have any portion of payment refunded for any stoppage for purpose of additions or repairs whatever, which in the opinion of the Authority may be deemed necessary, or for causes beyond its control.

26.  The Authority shall have the right to reserve a sufficient supply of water at all times in its reservoirs, to provide for fire and other emergencies, or may restrict or regulate the quantity of water used by customers in case of scarcity, or whenever in its judgment the public welfare may require it. Under flat rates no street or lawn sprinkling shall be done except by hose held in the hand or at any other time than from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.


27.  No person shall take water from any fire hydrant, except for fire purposes, or for use of the fire department in case of fire, and no public fire hydrant shall be used for sprinkling street or flushing sewers or gutters, or for any other than fire purposes, unless specifically permitted by the Authority for the particular time and occasion.


28.  It shall be expressly understood and agreed by and between the parties receiving private fire service and the Authority, that the Authority does not assume any liability as insurers of property or person and that the agreement does not contemplated any special service, pressure, capacity, or facility, other than the ordinary or the changing conditions of the Authority, as the same exists from day to day, and the Authority hereby declares and it is agreed to by the costumer that the Authority shall be free and exempt from any and all claims for injuries to persons or property, or any other person or property, by reason of fire, water, failure to supply water, pressure, or capacity.


29.  There shall be no service rendered free of charge.

30.  All charges shall be due and payable at the end of each quarter except industrial and commercial meter charges which shall be due and payable monthly at the end of each month.

31.  If bills are not paid within ten (10) days from the bill, the Authority will add to the bill for service (5) five percent thereof as a penalty. In the case of bills to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or any department or institute thereof, the non-penalty provisions of all schedules are extended so as to proved a thirty (30) day period during which payment may be made at net rates.

32.  The Authority will accept without penalty remittances bearing local postmarks on the last day for payment without penalty.

33.  Where special service rates are fixed or cost of service of any kind is estimated, payment must be made at the time application is submitted and before the service is granted.


34.  Where there is no unpaid bill, water will be turned off and on without charge for customers who wish to discontinue or renew service, except when this service is requested because of seasonal nature of business, vacations, etc., or unless service is requested after working hours, in which case a charge will be made for each trip to the premises. A turn-on charge shall be paid when water has been turned off because of an unpaid bill or for violation of the terms of the application or rules of the Authority. A collection charge will be made for collecting or extending credit when serviceman calls at property with order to collect or discontinue service for delinquency. See schedule of miscellaneous charges for the amounts for these services.


35.  No agent or employee of the Authority shall have authority to bind it by any promise, agreement, or representation not provided for in these rules, unless such authority is in writing signed by the General Manager or the Assistant Manager of the Authority.


36.  Definition: Any physical connection or arrangement of pipes between two otherwise separate water-supply systems, one of which contains potable water and the other water of unknown or questionable safety, whereby water may flow from one system to the other, the direction of flow depends upon the pressure differential between the two systems.

Regulations: No physical cross-connection is permitted between a public or private water-distribution system containing potable water, and any other system containing water of questionable equality or any other contaminating or pollution substance:

A.  Exception: any device designed to prevent backflow acceptable to the Pennsylvania State Health Department, or acceptable to the U.S. Public Health Service, shall be acceptable to the Authority.



The City of Beaver Falls; Boroughs of Eastvale, Fallston, Freedom, New Brighton, East Rochester, Patterson Heights, Rochester, West Mayfield, West Bridgewater, Homewood, Conway, and Big Beaver; Townships of , New Sewickley, North Sewickley, Rochester, Patterson, Chippewa, Pulaski, White, Daugherty, and South Beaver.

Revised 3-28-08